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Max has taken great pleasure in writing six best sellers in the last decade or so, initially at the urging of Blossom, anxious to keep him occupied. He often writes for the press and has promised to contribute to this, his official website.

He has recently finished his latest book which recounts the changes in people and things his eagle eye recorded on the latest of 40 trips around the world. It is in production and visitors to this website will have the first opportunity to enjoy it.


  ‘I wanna tell you a funny story’

The first was ‘I wanna tell you a funny story’ published by Robson Books in 1992 and illustrated by Barry Green. These combined recollections of many famous stars from the UK and America who became his friends together with his choice of really funny stories. You can read about how Tommy Cooper started his deliberate mistake magic act. Ted Ray features along with his best buddy, Eric Sykes a friend since the days of ‘Educating Archie’. Altogether a most entertaining read, as you would expect.


'The Milkman’s on his way'

How many people know that Max wrote a novel in the seventies? It recounts the adventures of a milkman who makes it good, and is alive with Max’s sure fire patter. In fact it reads like a script. Could there be the germ of a radio series here?


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‘After Thoughts’

This one was published by W.H.Allen. Your chance to feast on accounts of Max’s climb to fame and fortune from humble beginnings that, as he points out, puts rivalled the local Barnardo boys’ home. (Imagine a family of eight in a two room council flat in the east end of London during the depression! Plus a much-loved and dapper grandad who bears a certain likeness to Max himself.)

It starts with a poignant account of the war years, of meeting Blossom and contains many anecdotes and brushes with stars of the future from Cliff Michelmore, a rival for the affections of Blossom, his wife, to Charlie Chaplin.

As his career progresses you become aware that you are witnessing a rich slice of social history as, working literally night and day, he makes his way to the top of the tree. No overnight success here. One success leading to another, a series of opportunities eagerly taken with both hands; driven by a rare talent and a true cockney confidence. Hopeful entrants to Pop Idol please note – there is no substitute for talent and graft!

It is an absorbing read, difficult to put down. You are left with some understanding of how this man has stayed at the summit of his profession for fifty years.


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‘Max Bygraves - in his own words’

A vivid account of a rich life that has so many facets, published by Breedon Books. A real warmth glows from the pages with gratitude expressed to his wife Bloss and the rest of his extensive family to which he is very close. You learn that Max’s dad was a docker by day and also a 5’4”, flyweight earning enough by night to keep his young family, if not in comfort, then without want. Max has total recall of events in the twenties and thirties during a time of hardship for everyone before the safety net of the welfare state.

A letter from Des O’Conner asking for advice on how to enter show business provides a hilarious anecdote. There is also an account of a plague of cane toads in New South Wales. All in all a fascinating picture of life in the rarefied world of show business.


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‘Stars in my Eyes’

This is the latest of Max’s books, published in 2003 by Robson Books. It contains many rare photographs from the Bygrave archive and insights into the world of show business since the Second World War.

There are recollections of the domestic superstars of the day like Tommy Cooper, Ted Ray, Eric Sykes, Billy Cotton, Arthur Askey and Tommy Trinder, his friends and colleagues as he made his way up the greasy pole, - and then stayed at the top for over fifty years.

Those aged over forty will remember Liberace, Clark Gable, Jack Benny, and Judy Garland et al and will enjoy his stories involving hosts of these bygone Hollywood greats.



‘The Golden Years’

This is a new departure for Max. It covers the period of his farewell performances in the UK in diary form and has many poignant thoughts from a man who, in his eighties, is full of energy and sparkle with so much still to offer.

It is planned to make this available on line from this site in CD form, with many exclusive photos and video clips of his farewell tour. One for the connoisseur.

So, watch this space. Or better still, add your name to the mailing list and we will let you know when it is available.

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