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A message from the Grand Order of Water Rats

He’s been a star for as long as I can remember.

I’ve grown up with him – we all have. Films, records, television, radio and theatre. You name it – he’s done it – brilliantly.

Max is Water Rat number 524. He was proposed for our Order by Donald Peers, seconded by ‘Wee’ Georgie Wood and initiated on 27th September 1953. The King Rat back then was Ben Warriss with Preceptor being Fred Russell.

As one half of The Simmons Brothers I am proud to have worked with Max over the past few years. Sitting out front after we had ‘done our bit’ I can only say I was privileged to witness a master class in comedy timing and stagecraft. He had the audiences in the palm of his hand and kept them there for the whole hour plus of his act.

Thanks Max – not only for all you have done for the Rats – but also for a wonderful sixty years in this crazy business we all love so much.

At a time when age seems to be a predominant factor - especially in television – you prove that there’s no substitute for talent and experience.

Long may you continue.



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