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A5 Paperback published in 2002 by:
Zeus Publications
291 Pages. Illustrated. $AU24.95 (plus postage & packing)
ISBN 1-920- 8497-1

The book is not currently published in the UK or directly available from shopalongamax but can be purchased on-line from
Zeus Publications which has very reasonable international postage rates.

Click here to link to their
website for details


‘The Golden Years ’

On October 16th 2002, Max Bygraves became an octogenarian. It didn’t worry him all that much, on that particular evening he played to a packed house at Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre.

For a birthday show, invites went out to friends and acquaintances for drinks and eats at the Director’s Bar. The audience was warm and congratulatory in a marvellous party mood, everything that’s needed for an after-the-show get together.

More than 120 well-wishers raised their champagne glasses as life began, life as an eighty-year old.

Max tells a great story and gives us a fun-filled look at his year as an ‘Octogenarian’….read all about the people and places that makes this great entertainer GREAT! AND STILL GOING STRONG!

Click here to sample the first few pages of the book with Max's compliments.

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